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Dungeon Pusher Critical is a rogue-inspired tactical puzzle game. As a statue that has come to life, you will explore challenging dungeons. Push your friendly statues back and forth on the battlefield to outwit your enemies. Defeat your opponents with a planned heavy blow and solve puzzles. Can you fight and think your way through the dungeon?

The Game was made for Wizard Jam 10 under the theme "Ten Percent Success Rate".


Your Turn:

Each turn starts with a fifty fifty chance on either an increase in your attack or defense skills. 

“Shields Up” means: 

90% Defense Chance, 10% Attack Chance

“Swords Up” means:

90% Attack Chance, 10% Defense Chance

You can only attack units that are adjacent to a square. Units have the attributes Attack, Defense and Health. The Damage dealt to a unit is calculated by Attack-Power minus Defense Power. Once health sinks below 0, a unit dies. Your hero always have to survive.

Enemy Turn:

Enemies have different ranges. Usually: The deadlier the enemy, the shorter the distance it can walk.


WASD: Movement

E: Interact

R: Undo a move

Space: Attack / End Turn

ESC: Pause


Download NowName your own price

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Dungeon Pusher Critical (Windows) 33 MB
Dungeon Pusher Critical (Windows, Original Wizard Jam Upload) 29 MB
Dungeon Pusher Critical (Linux) 39 MB
Dungeon Pusher Critical (Mac) 34 MB


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i like the concept and the scenery was scary. it did get bland when i went through a couple levels and it was the same thing. Having the ability to infinitely move around and get the best position takes the challenge away. it would be more exciting if the game had a chess like battlephase. Having rooks, knights, even a king! you would have a lot more variety then just moving around. But i did get in the groove of it and messed up as well. Good job!

thanks for playing and for the feedback. This is some great inspiration. :)