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Discover the poem "Howl" in this psychedelic first person game and explore an ever-changing Rockland Asylum. Can you escape the Moloch or have you already succumbed to the madness?

Keyboard Controls:

 WASD: Move

Mouse: Look Around

Left Click: Interact

Right Click: Cancel

ESC: Menu


Left Stick: Move

Right Stick: Look Around

Right Trigger: Interact

B: Cancel


Design and Programming: Lukas Fabry

Audio Design: Olivier Haas https://haasaudio.de/

Music: Lukas Fabry, Jan Liesefeld https://soundcloud.com/jan-liesefeld-composer

Voice Actor: Michael Güzelbey https://michaelguzelbey.com/

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsFarry1, Olivier Haas
TagsExploration, Psychological Horror, Unity, Walking simulator


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ImWithYouInRockland.zip 377 MB


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Not bad. Feels like playing an excerpt of Layers of Fear and then NaissanceE side by side. Love the second half's architecture quite a bit.

Nice experience. Loved the atmosphere.

Here is a video we made while playing:

Thanks for Playing and the nice video :)

Nice game. In the "Nessaince" area (after the mortuary with the the many alarm clocks) there seems to be some open geometry when you can 'move through walls'. I actually fell out of that level at some point, after I had apparently already got 'behind the secenes'.

(1 edit)

Thanks for playing and that feedback. I heard about those kind of issues a couple of times now. I will have a look and fix that in the future.

At least you managed to escape the Moloch in another way ;)

Pretty dope experience. Thank you so much for developing this game.

thanks for playing and thanks for your video. Was funny to watch. Cool you immediately recognized my both sources of inspiration: Layers of Fear and Naissance

No!!, Thank you for developing the game!! You're the best. Keep up the great work.

Very good game. It reminds me of Layers of Fear alot. good job

btw here is my video

Yes, me too! Well done


I cannot deny that those Bloober-Team Games had an impact on me ;)

nothing wrong with that. you made very good game. i am looking foward for your future projects

Good game dev had fun playing it atmosphere is really good too :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Hey man! Thank you for playing. I'm glad you liked the game :)