Post Jam Update Announcement

Soon the post jam update of this game will be released

What I've been working on so far is:

Full Camera Control

You will be able to rotate zoom and navigate the camera freely. This gives you the ability to find better routes especially at the boundaries of the maps.

Free Camera Movement

Better Raycasting and Pathfinding System

I've been working on a lot of issues regarding the Raycasting and the Pathfinding. There were some issues when a path was displayed as valid but you couldn't actually go there. Also there were some flaws where the light could hit you, although you were hiding behind a tree.

Improved UI

I added an ingame menu to read the instructions again and to pause and quit the game. Also there is now an indicator if you are to close to the enemy so you would get petrified.

Thanks again for all your feedback and your interest on the game. It helped me a lot to improve this.


Meet Me In The Shadows GMTK19 Edition 63 MB
Aug 04, 2019
Meet Me In The Shadows (HARD MODE) 63 MB
Aug 04, 2019

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