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The Customer's Always an Asshole

We all know the frustration of the supermarket. The store is full of people, searching for the stuff you need takes forever and in the end you find out that your product is gone. The waiting line is endless and the cashier has bad attitude. You’re looking for revenge but don’t know what to do. Well, look no further! In “The Customer’s always an Asshole” it is payback time and you’re dismantling a supermarket in any and every possible way. You’re all by yourself throwing around punches and kicks showing them inventory who’s boss. But it get’s better! This time, money is not an issue. Instead of your regular shopping trip, trying not to break anything, you’re encouraged to go full berserk and do as much damage as possible. Everything you destroy ends up on your bill - the bigger the better!

Navigate: Left Stick
Punch: A
Kick: B
Ultimate: Y

Navigate: Arrow Keys or WASD
Punch: Left Mouse Click
Kick: Right Mouse Click
Ultimate: Middle Mouse

We just released an update.

Update Notes:

  • Menu now controllable with both, mouse and controller
  • Smoother controlls for the fighting moves. Moves don't get stuck anymore.
  • You can now save more than one screenshot. Before there was an issue with the file names.
  • Controll scheme for fight moves is visible in the lower right corner of the UI

We hope you enjoy the game.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsFarry1, Marc Kelbling
GenreFighting, Action, Simulation
Tags3D, rampage, shop, supermarket, Top-Down, Unity


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The Customer's Always an Asshole (Wizard Jam Edition) 113 MB
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This game looks very therapeutic for everyone working in retail :)
Good job!

thanks :D

While there were some flaws, like not being able to kick and punch sometimes or the game crashing, it was still fun to play and I really enjoyed trying to destroy the whole place and get a high score!

Thanks for playing, was fun to watch :D It seemed like you played an older version of the game. We worked on the control issue and improved some other stuff. So download the newer version and try again :) And don't forget to use the ultimate punch on the Y-or Middle Mouse-Button ;)

Furthermore there's going to be another update by the end of this week. So stay tuned.

Fun little game! I also had some noticeable control issues playing with the keyboard(will have to try again maybe after the update) but otherwise an enjoyable experience! Would love to see more stores added! Think of the mayhem! You could destroy a mall or other retail stores, maybe add some new moves! Either way awesome job! Any plans for future games?

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Thanks for the awesome Let's Play. Was a pleasure to watch. This week we're working on an update for this game, especially for better controlls. And at the weekend there's Global Game Jam. So next week there's probably a whole new game :)

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Other than movement, the controls do not seem to work when using a keyboard.

Edit: Its the same case for a controller and is the likely reason why in the video the player just ran around without smashing anything.

(1 edit)

Strange. It works on my Keyboard. But we're working on a new movement scheme and hope to fix this issue until the end of the week.

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Why did you refuse to smash things? Did you try to buy them? At least you took a picture after every playthough :D

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ahha i want mashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D wuz upppppppp :D