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Void Pilot is a relaxing flight shooter with slow pace and focus on atmosphere.

The game was made for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam '21 for the topic "Joined Together". It was developed by one person in 48 hours.

About the theme:

The theme is covered by some of the game mechanis:

We have to collect floating crystals, that join together in swarms. In the beginning we can only pick up a few crystals. We have to grow our own swarm, so we can absorb bigger swarms. 

However, we use entities from our swarm as ammo, to repair our ship and to open doors. It is important to find the right balance between using crystals from our own swarm and collect new ones. The interactions we can take in the game are directly connected, i.e. joinded together with our swarm, as this is the resource we take all our actions froms. 

The single crystals are physically joined together as a swarm/wobbely-floating-heap and indicate the amout of resources we can spend in a diegetic way.

Warning: There is no pause menu yet, and the game sometimes does weird things on minimizing. So better don't do that ;) ... I may provide an update for this in the upcoming days.

Audio: The audio may be low, so in case you don't hear much, increase it. 


W: Forward
S: Break
A: Strife Left
D: Strife Right
Q/E: Roll

Mouse: Steering

Left Mouse: Shoot
Right Mouse: Zoom In to First Person
R: Repair Ship

Music Credits:

Damiano Baldoni - Ambient1
Damiano Baldoni - Ambient2
Meydän - Elk
Music downloaded from: https://freemusicarchive.org

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This was nice, a bit short with little enemies but the driving mechanic have me a good laugh. The driving wasn't bad but the turning was a too sensitive and I spin out of control a couple times. I do see potential in this if you add more down the road. Good job


Thanks for playing! You did a great job, your video was very funny and informative.

If poeople keep liking what I did here, I will definetly continue development and add some more levels.

The game as is was made in only 48 hours for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam. That's why it is a bit short. Your advice for better controls, I will definetly consider for further improvement.